From Dilbeek/Belgium
New Pictures/September/2006
the family call him .: New Garfield


Time for pictures..

I think.. I go in street

There he layed in the shadow because after his sunbad he haded it a little bit to warm.
Therefore he layed down in the sadow.
He took decision that it was enough for today to do something on his skincolor.
here Filibert was working on his skincolor. It was high time to take a sunbath.
By taking sunbaths it makes you so tired and you get so much preguiça of it. That you can see here too at Filibert.

My favourite food

My drink (milk)



Time for clean my hands, after dinner

What sleep.. help Bastet


Filibert - moment for : Relax...

I love sleep


I have good sleep now

continue with sleep


Prop: Landlady.: Ghislaine

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