FRITZ from Belgium

Memory Of

april 2001/december 2005



Fritz, I know you stay now on the cats sky
Momy Irena , feel your fault and the father Louis too.
I have you in my memory, when I am very sick there in Belgium, you close the my bed! I will never forgot it Fritz!
A lot kisse for you my dear friend fritz, I will never forgot you!

Priscila/são Paulo/Brazil

Story of Fritz

Fritz is born in april 2001 and is now nearly 2 1/2 years old. He lives in Begijnendijk which is near Leuven (Belgium). His favourite menu is cooked ham. His own place is in the basement of the house. For getting there he has his own private entrance. The most part of his time on a day stays he outside, no matter which kind of weather. He is very intelligent. He knows one word very well and that is "kom".
This is the life of Fritz


With Fritz you can have a conversation. When he is agree with you and means yes than you hear 1 time "meow" and when his not agree with you than you hear "meow" 2 times short after each other. And when he doesn't know it, than it is many meows. When he wants to go outside he goes sitting in front of the door. When you react not at once, he comes back to you and lead you to the door. When you ignore it, than he goes crazy. He start to run around in the place, goes hanging in curtains and do many bad things till you open the door.

Prop.: Louis and Irena

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